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At the start of the 19th century, a mansion called Marrowbone Hall with extensive grounds stood on the site that is now The Hollies, in a village called Lamorbey (now part of north Sidcup). This mansion was pulled down in the mid 19th century, and the site renamed "The Hollies" and eventually sold to the Greenwich and Deptford Union,. They had chosen the site to build an orphanage, which opened in 1902. This was generally known as "The Hollies Children's Home", although it had a number of official names during its many years of operation.

There are several websites concerning the orphanage and the stories of the children that lived there, including: http://www.hollieskids.co.uk/, http://www.hollies-lamorbey-memories.org.uk/ and http://holliesmemories.uk/.

The orphanage closed in the 1980s, and the site was redeveloped for residential use. The larger buildings (such as the residential blocks and the buildings around the water tower) were converted into flats, the smaller buildings into private houses, and many new houses were built in a style sympathetic to the original Hollies buildings. The water tower no longer supplies water to the site, but has become the iconic clock tower that dominates most views of the site.

The swimming pool that was built as part of the original orphanage construction has been retained and refurbished, and is available for residents to use. Further leisure activities have been added, such as a gym, two tennis courts, and pool/snooker tables. The Hollies Countryside Club has its own website - please follow the link in the top menu.